Women's Business

A short story about a diverse group of people who, at first glance, do not have much in common, but who are all confronted with the modern conflicts of being or being perceived as women, whose paths cross in the ladies' room of a club one evening, one way or another. The short movie touches upon topics such as gender identity, sexuality, civil courage, sexism, drug abuse, and violence against women.

Tanja Ploner Jennifer Gartler Claudia Ploner Helene Sorger Carina Traint Elisabeth Ehrenhauser Katja Reichör Patricia Washüttl Melissa Brunbauer Anna Horn Nadine Kern Livia Ringl Sophie Schaller Helene Weiss Anna Netouschek Alaa Megeed Abdel Lena Kroemer Flora Osterbauer Becher Chrissi Make Up Alexandra Bogner Alina Koller Viktoria Schicht Leonie Schönfeldinger Jasmin Frank Patricia Melicha Carola Berger Theresa Neurauter Racha Bondok Katharina Haudum Alexandra Bogner Franziska Hehle Hannah Jutz Hannah Kogler