Authentic, Mobile, Social – How GenZ is changing TV

Gen Z is beginning to change everything we know about what “TV” is and can be. According to a recent study by Hulu, 70 percent of Gen Z says the phrase “watching television” means streaming something online. Whatever content they watch and whichever device they use to watch it, it’s all “TV” for them. They’re the first generation of true digital natives. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers. When Gen Z is watching TV, they’re also on their phones scrolling through their social media feeds. When it comes to this generation, the future of television is social. In a Gen Z world, if no one is talking about your show, no one is watching your show. This consumer behavior increasingly influences the sort of drama that gets made and how it gets made for this demographic. This means new ways of storytelling, new types of talent, and new drivers for consumption. From original series commissioned by Facebook and Snapchat to independent productions such as the first Instagram Stories Drama and the first WhatsApp Chat Story. Storytelling on these platforms is evolving fast.

Sandra Lehner is a pioneering Digital Executive, based in Switzerland. She has worked as Digital Producer for various YouTube-channels and as Social Media Producer on some of the biggest TV brands such as ‘Downton Abbey’ (NBCU), ‘Sherlock’ (BBC), and ‘Made in Chelsea’ (Channel 4). As Head of Content Acquisitions EMEA at Frequency, she brings digital content and TV together on Liberty Global’s cable channels. She also develops interactive formats for digital platforms such as Facebook Watch. Sandra is a frequent speaker at international conferences, i.e. MIPCOM, judges at several web series festivals, and blogs regularly for industry blog MIPBLOG. She has worked with brands, networks and digital outlets on innovative storytelling and brand integrations.