Mental – Welcome to the institute

Mental takes place in psychiatric hospital where 4 young people end up for different reasons. All of them have some serious issues going on – 3 tried to kill themselves and one is suffering from bad mixed drug abuse. Treatments seem to be working, but after all new friendships cure better than any drug. When you get out of the mental institution, are you normal again? The script of the funny and serious Mental (Sekaisin) is based on actual experiences by young ones with severe mental problems. The combination of a fiction series and an online aid service proved very important in Finland – Mental was not just a good drama or a nice project, it had a serious impact on society. Jani Pösö on key success factors its and concept of writing the script.

Jani Pösö is an experienced writer, a producer and entrepeneur. Jani started his career as a professional writer on record and restaurant reviews, already in late 1980’s. His career includes 20 years experience in advertising as a senior partner, a creative director and a copywriter. He has wide experience in different fields of storytelling and marketing industry e.g. managing fashion brands, designing game identities, producing music, theatre, events and clubs, being a freelancer journalist, musician, marketing manager, record store salesman and The King of Candyland. His work has been shortlisted or awarded in e.g. Sundance Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Eurovision Creative Days, Mobile Marketing Awards, CICFF, Jussi-Gala, Venla-Gala, Prix Europa, Tampere Film Festival, Toronto Film festival and Tokyo International film festival. Jani has one wife, two kids and three small sailing boats.