Mobilisierung der Träume / Dreams Rewired

Director und Art Engineer Martin Reinhart (A) zeigt Ausschnitte seines preisgekrönten Films „Mobilisierung der Träume“ und reflektiert Technologie-Begehrlichkeiten im Rückspiegel.

Martin Reinhart’s innovative exploration of film as artistic language is not limited to the making of films – he also develops hardware and processing solutions and works as a film historian. He is committed to overcoming the creative boundaries written into industry standards through developing new tools and techniques. Notable amongst his innovations is »Indiecam«, a high resolution digital POV camera system widely used in the industries (Danny Boyle’s »Trance«, Ron Howard’s »Rush« and »In the Heart of the Sea«).

His films including the very recent documentary »Dreams Rewired« (together with Manu Luksch and Thomas Tode) have been shown widely at international media arts and film festivals. In his position as Curator for Photography at the Museum of Technology in Vienna, Reinhart’s research led to the rediscovery of the soundtrack for Eisenstein’s »Battleship Potemkin«, composed by Edmund Meisel for the touring and distribution of the film in the West.