Pepper's Ghost: Holographische Projektion zwischen Entertainment und Kunst

Oliver Gingrich (UK), Art Director des führenden Unternehmens im Bereich holographischer 3D-Projektionen, zeigt eindrucksvolle Lösungen, wie neue Darstellungsebenen auf Bühnen und bei Liveveranstaltungen eingebunden werden können.

Oliver Gingrich is Art Director at MDH Hologram (, the world leader in 3D holographic technology. Also known as Pepper’s ghost, holographic projection creates 3-dimensional stage illusions for large audiences. With over 10 years professional experience in holographic projection his responsibilities ranged from conceptualisation, to implementation to production and execution. The international client portfolio stretches from fashion, to entertainment, from art to technology companies.

With a background in Fine Arts, Art & Technology and Politics, he studied for his PHD at the National Center for Computer Animation, Bournemouth with a special focus on telepresence applications in holographic projection. As Producer, he forms part of Analema Group, an art collective with an interest in visual properties of sound and immersive experiences on the intersection between art and technology. Based in London, his Notting Hill studio is his place of visual research which informs both his artistic and corporate practise.