Transmedia Storytelling

Workshop mit Florian Thalhofer und Siegfried Steinlechner

Mag. Siegfried Steinlechner, MAS., born 1967 in Tyrol, is a journalist und documentary filmmaker. He studied History, Philosophy and Cultural Management. 2 decades he worked within ORF in several fields of TV programs. He authored und directed more than 10 films on cultural & contemporary issues. In 2001 he implemented his first Transmedia project. He is currently working as an commissioning editor in the ORF Department Culture Documentaries and as a project manager for cross- / transmedia & 360-/VR-projects.

Florian Thalhofer is a media-artist and documentary-maker and the owner of the Korsakow Institut. He is the inventor of the Korsakow-System and the chief-architect of the Korsakow-software. Thalhofer started in 1997 to tell stories via computer. That led him to the development of the Korsakow-System, a software and a principle for a new way of structuring narrations. These narrations are rule-based, non-linear and (usually) interactive. Thalhofer made numerous Korsakow-films and one linear film. He taught at the University of the Arts, Berlin at DFFB and atDeutsches Literatur Institut, Leipzig and gave talks and lectures on every continent except Australia.