Games: The Future of Hollywood

„Games: The Future of Hollywood and Education“ GTA IV had grossed $310 millions and outperformed the bestselling Harry Potter book as well as the most successful Hollywood blockbuster - and the video games industry continues to outperform Hollywood. What are the key drivers of games to keep players engaged for hours, who are those players, how can we use game design elements to make fields such as Hollywood or even education more interactive and engaging? And how can we embrace emerging virtual reality technologies to bridge gaming and story-telling-based entertainment? In this talk Johanna Pirker will talk about different technologies and design elements inspired from game design and emerging technologies such as VR to create interactive and fully immersive experiences to revolutionize entertainment and education.

Johanna Pirker is game developer, researcher, and educator, and an active and strong voice of the local indie developer community. She has long-lasting experience in evaluating, designing, and developing games and virtual realities and believes in them as tools to support learning, collaboration, and to solve real problems. In 2011/12 she started developing virtual worlds for physics education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Johanna has started in the industry as QA tester at EA and still consults studios in the field of games user research. At the moment, she teaches game development at Graz University of Technology and researches games with focus on HCI, AI, UX, and VR technologies. She has authored and presented numerous publications and is initiator of the award-winning educational VR physics laboratory “Maroon".