Which comes first? The Vision or the Innovation?

Which comes first? The vision, or the innovation? In his keynote speech, programme maker and production strategist Tony Gregory talks about how “old media” feels a bit stale next to the constant onslaught of new-tech and change, how we all feel pressured and insecure about it, and how the TV industry needs to be careful because the majority of its audience is evolving faster than the majority of its producers. Using examples of how historic innovations had influences unimaginable to their inventors, Tony describes a mindset that can empower us all so that we’re a part of the change, and not a victim of it. He will describe how he’s used this thinking to hack traditional TV production processes. Tony explains that in fact the power of innovation lies within all of us, and how the inventors cannot innovate without us ordinary people. His call to action is that we need to get out there and play !

Tony Gregory is a well-established TV producer and director, based in the UK.
He has worked across documentaries, big entertainment brands, concerts,
large state events, award shows and innovative factual and reality content and has directed, produced and consulted on some of the biggest
programme brands in TV, including The Voice, Big Brother, Idol and Top Of The
He also works around the world consulting and lecturing on formats,
programme development, production strategy, technology and workflow, and
trains and coaches multi-camera and live directors.
Tony has always strived to leverage the latest technology on productions, and
has worked on innovative integrations with TV, online, radio and mobile.