Nicolas Sauret: Bubble-TV Live Interaction

In the context of active and participative TV audience, Bubble-TV was designed to organize online participation of the audience at the very heart of TV-show, by weaving it into the narration, on stage and on screens. Designed as a voting system, Bubble-TV succeeded to engage the audience into a voting process with a live motion visualisation. The on-stage visualisation encodes Tweets as small bubbles which continuously fall from the top of the screen and fill up bins of a bar chart. The result is a distribution of tweets according to voting choices (hashtags), each bubble being textured with the avatar of the participants. Bubble-TV highly impacted the audience’s experience and engagement, since half of all the people who tweeted actively used the provided hashtags. Beyond the visualisation, the Bubble-TV experience can be described as a social protocol for transmedia interactions, engaging TV viewers by providing them with visual feedback, social awareness and the possibility to interact with each others. Bubble-TV was conceived at IRI (Institute for research and innovation at Centre Pompidou) and Aviz (INRIA), by a team of researchers in visualisation, HCI and participative formats, working closely with the TV-show producers. The show "Le Grand Webze", was a France Television's pilote TV-show dedicated to web culture and emerging talents on the Web. In this context, the production team was open to experimental forms of participation and therefore fully adopted the concept of Bubble-TV. This kind of collaboration is a convincing evidence that producers and researchers can benefit from one's each other resources, researchers offering breaking-through innovations and producers offering large public for real life and in the wide experimentation.

Nicolas Sauret works as research project manager at the Institute for Research and Innovation of Centre Pompidou (IRI), leading research on new media production and editorialisation. He worked as documentary director and editor for several years before he founded a production company focusing on new narrative formes. His freelance activity is dedicated to transmedia and new media consulting, mentoring and teaching.
His work as director has been featured in a number of exhibitions and festivals including Cinéma du Réel, Vidéoformes, Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin Madrid, Tokyo Video Festival, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and Urban Nomad Film Festival.