Sarah Baker: Schöne Medienarbeit?

Pay Conditions in the Music and TV Industry Sarah Baker presents the pay conditions of creative labour in two cultural industries - music recording and television production. It draws, firstly, on research she conducted with David Hesmondhalgh between 2006-7 which looked at, among other things, independent television production in the UK. This research found that conditions of pay, hours and job security are important contributors to the conceptualisation of work as 'good' or 'bad', especially for newcomers to TV work (Hemondhalgh & Baker 2011). She then turns to an examination of pay conditions in the Icelandic music industry, and musicians’ subjective experiences of their labour pre- and post-crash. This research, undertaken in 2010-11, reveals the precarity of music making in Iceland, where distinctions are made between ‘making it’ (critical acclaim) and ‘making a living’ (getting paid) in a market that is now viewed by some musicians as a ‘practice space’ rather than a ‘working place’.

Sarah Baker, Medienwissenschaftlerin, Autorin von Creative Labour, einer Studie zu Arbeit in den Medien TV und Film, Senior Lecturer an der Griffith University